Monday, 19 March 2012

Sol Step for Heel Spur

The Sol Step is effortlessness and easy to use heel support that provides heel spur relief. Intended with a cushioning gel pad below the heel, the Sol Step helps soak up shock while walking, as the density on the heel and arch help decrease edema and swelling to go faster the heeling process.
Sol Step for heel spur
For adding heel pain relief, the Sol Step comes ready with a gel pad that can be located in the freezer prior to tiring for soothing cold therapy. Sol Step cushioned heel wrap provides an effectual treatment for persons with chronic heel pain, fat pad contusion or waste and calcaneal stress fracture. 

Footwear plays a very important role in reducing the heel pain difficulty, therefore by using suitable footwear assist to conquer the troubles of heel ache.  Gel heel cups are the kind of shoe inserts that decrease the difficulties caused by plantar fasciitis and heel pain. These cups are located to provide direct stuffing over the painful areas by the slight increase of hind foot. It assists and reducing the force developed on the plantar fascia. 
heel spur relief
Sol step is mainly designed to yield rapid relief from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. It can be damaged with or without footwear to defend from needless impact you experience in the heel part. Sol step promotes cushioning features and shock decrease. Owing to gel pad also, it plays a main role in curing edema, swelling and accelerate heeling.  These heel cups are typically construct with a soft gel that enables ease and good foot protection against shock.

Medical experts advise the Sol Step to give plantar shock absorption for heel pain and abridged inflammation. Sol Step fits similar to a stocking and should feel at ease, if toes or feet feel amount or tingling, a better size is needed. Sol Step is planned to provide better heel spur cushion and shock absorption on the plantar feature of the heel.

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