Friday, 27 January 2012

Heel Bonespur Treatments

Bone spur, or osteophyte, is bony growth sprouting from a normal bone, causing great pain and pain when pressing beside other bone and or soft tissue. The situation develops when the body attempts to increase the surface area of the joints, so body weight will continue to be dispersed evenly across a joint damaged by arthritis or some other situation. Bone spurs usually form on the spine, shoulders, hands, hips, knees and feet, restricting movement and causing pain.
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Heel spur are often linked to the difficulty of plantar fasciitis, but are a separate issue. The two are linked, however, and are treated in much the same way because one often causes the other. If you believe you have heel spurs that are causing you uneasiness, check with a physician and see if it can be diagnosed.

Treatment for bone spurs depends on what heel spur symptoms you are having. Pain is the mainly common symptom and is frequently initially treated with medications. Anti-inflammatory medications are usually used first. These help both to relieve pain and to reduce the redness caused by the bone spurs. In several cases, an inoculation of a steroid such as cortisone into the joint can help reduce pain from bone spurs. These injections can often be performing in your doctor's office, depending on the joint concerned. If the trendy or spine is involved, the injections usually are performed using an X-ray machine to help guide the situation of the injection.
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Doctor may also advise physical therapy to help with your bone spur symptoms. The physical therapy is not able to remove bone spurs, but it can help with several of the symptoms connected to them. If you have a loss of movement in a joint caused by bone spurs, physical therapy can help make stronger the surrounding muscles and increase the motion in your joints. Physical therapy can contain ice or cold packs, stretching exercises, ultrasound treatments, or massage.

Mainly cases of heel spurs can be treated by the easy, conservative means of our Heel Cups, Heel Seats, Heel Pads, Arch Supports, and Insoles. They use acupressure as a successful way to treat the pain linked with heel spurs. Our exclusive heel spur treatments not only effectively treat the pain; they also overturn the heel spur growth. They cradle the heel and arch of the foot, if the support and strengthening of the heel which is necessary to relieve stress and pain in the tissue about the heel spur.

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